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    The film shows twelve days in the life of Jacek Sroka. The story is based on the diary, or rather, an anti-diary of the artist, mixing the artistic with the intimate; distance with proximity; the imagined with the supposed. The world of the artist's paintings and his personal life permeate each other, while privacy in his work gains universal value.

    An interesting, enlightening and entertaining story of a great artist. It reveals the true face of a man who devoted his whole life to his own artistic endeavour. A tale full of passion and a sophisticated self-distanced view of the world.



  • Review

    "Migoń finds a film form that is able to accommodate the artist's work both in its individual aspect, which is an expression of the anxieties and obsessions of a particular person, as well as in its collective aspect, reflecting the spirit of a certain era."

    "...dynamic portrait of the artist, one that is far from conventional portrayals. "

    Anita Piotrowska

  • genre: documentary

    starring: Jacek Sroka, Marzena Sroka,
                 Zuzanna Kamykowska,
                 Melania Sroka, Figa Sroka, 
                 Motion Trio

    written and directed by Jarosław Migoń

    music: Marcin Gałażyn

    photography: Piotr Trela

    gafer: Tomasz Stańco

    sound: Mirosław Gibas

    colorist: Tomasz Poznański

    sound postproduction: Michał Rosicki

    producer: Jarosław Migoń

    production: grafiQa
                      Krakovia Producciones

    duration: 62 min.

    subtitles: French, English, Chinese, Spanish




    Diary of a Beholder