About the movie

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    The film shows twelve days in the life of Jacek Sroka. The story is based on the diary, or rather, an anti-diary of the artist, mixing the artistic with the intimate; distance with proximity; the imagined with the supposed. The world of the artist's paintings and his personal life permeate each other, while privacy in his work gains universal value.

    Language of the film – its “third protagonist" – oscillates between documentary narrative (the story about the pictures) and magical realism (compelling animations), finding its own expression, rich and surprisingly broad: we follow the camera through the nooks and crannies of the house, the studio… and the artist's imagination.

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    Artist's Diary 1996

    Text written by Jacek Sroka in 1995 became the inspiration for the movie "Diary of a Beholder".


    Tuesday, April 25.
    Before noon, I was painting the Diora radio and the patterned wallpaper – medium-sized. I did not leave the house.

    Wednesday, April 26.


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    Jacek Sroka

    Born in 1957 in Kraków (Cracow).

    Painter and  printmaker and illustrator, he studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, where in the years 1981 – 1988 he worked as an assistant professor in the Engraving  Studio. He presented his paintings and prints in over one hundred solo shows (in Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Maastricht, San Francisco, Vienna, Lyon, and Beijing, among others). He also took part in several hundred group shows, domestic and international. His works are part of museum collections in Poland (including: National Museum in Kraków; Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz; Museum of Contemporary Art in Radom; Jagiellonian Library; PAU Collection of Graphic Art) and abroad (including: Metropolitan Museum, New York;

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    About the Music

    The musical layer of the film consists of 26 tracks, including 10 pieces arranged for accordion. In total, it is almost 60 minutes of music, composed and arranged in its entirety by Marcin Gałażyn, otherwise known as one of the three pillars of the Motion Trio. The whole Motion Trio also feature in the film. 

  • genre: documentary

    starring: Jacek Sroka,
                 Marzena Sroka,
                 Zuzanna Kamykowska,
                 Melania Sroka, 
                 Motion Trio, 
                 Jerzy Armata,
                 Paweł Kamykowski,
                 Edyta Lichota, 
                 Paweł Banaś,
                 Figa Sroka

    written and directed by Jarek Migoń

    music: Marcin Gałażyn

    photography: Piotr Trela

    in collaboration with: Jarek Migoń

                      Dominik Lichota
                      Elżbieta Migoń
                      Manuel Pari
                     Jakub Szumowski
                     Tomasz Stańco
                     Manuel Pari

    gaffer: Tomasz Stańco

    sound: Mirosław Gibas

    colorist: Tomasz Poznański

    sound postproduction: Michał Rosicki

    in collaboration with: Grzegorz Kubek

    make up: Małgorzata Stopa
                              Natalia Placek

    producer: Jarosław Migoń

    executiveproducers: Elżbieta Migoń
              Francisco Basignana Ravinet

    production: grafiQa
                    Krakovia Producciones

    duration: 62 min.

    subtitles: French, English, Chinese, Spanish


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